lab director

Organizing the Laboratory

One of the responsibilities of an archaeologist is making sure the artifact collections are properly curated.  Almost every square inch (or centimeter!) of the shelves in our lab space is filled with boxes of artifacts from recent surveys and excavations.

When a project is over, and the analysis is done, those artifacts must go back into storage. PAF has storage facilities both at Binghamton University, as well as at an off-site facility. Today, our lab director, Claire H. is preparing boxes to go into remote storage, off site. So far there are about 118 boxes ready to go.

Some of the many boxes of artifact and sample collections getting ready to be moved to our storage facilities. In addition to site information, each box has a bar code!

Each box has identifying information on the side, which explains what’s inside for easy retrieval. But with over 30 years worth of collections, that means many thousands of boxes! To keep track of them, we have created a bar code system for easier information management.