medieval dig site

A Day (Today) in the Life of a Community Archaeologist in Kent

So today I have mostly been…

  • writing a couple of articles for the dayofarch page-great job everyone it looks amazing!
  • deciding whether an archaeologyinkent twitter acount is a good idea…?
  • updating the page
  • thinking about our medieval manor dig that starts next week!!
  • sorting out pre-dig visits for the schools involved!
  • recovering from yesterday! (when we took a brushcutter to the dig site to clear it!!)

What am I looking forward to?

  • Our summer dig starting next week!
  • the medieval re-enactors we will have on site on July 7th and 8th at Shorne Woods Country Park!
  • lots of exciting news finds and discoveries!

How did i get here?

After going to UCL’s Institute of Archaeology, I spent 3 happy years in the field working for different Units up and down and back and across the country. This lead to a job working on the HER (Historic Environment Record) for Kent and volunteering opportunities in local archaeology projects in Kent…this lead to community archaeology projects and I’ve been working as a community archaeologist for over 3 years now, about to embark on the 7th season of community archaeology fieldwork at Shorne Woods Country Park.

Why do I love my job?

No two days are the same-it sounds like a cliche, but one day I will be digging test pits for mesolithic flint, the next cutting undergrowth down from our medieval dig site and today I am writing about it all on here! I also work with a fantastic group of enthusiastic, knowledgable and incredibly hardworking volunteers.

I’ll be blogging from our summer dig at