Merthyr Tydfil

My Friday Morning

Morning everyone, my name is Rob Dunning and I am a Project Officer with GGAT Projects. I have recently completed several field evaluations. Evaluations involve the excavation of trial trenches in advance of construction works with the aim of determining if any archaeological remains are present. The fieldwork is complete and I am currently printing and binding hard copies of the reports so our clients can discharge their various planning conditions. Specifically, we excavated trenches at Merthyr College and Caerphilly Castle. At Merthyr we discovered the remains of  a casting house of the Ynys Fach Ironworks, along with stone sleepers associated with its tramway system. The Caerphilly excavations were on a much smaller scale, but we found Roman pottery and a possible flagstone surface, likely associated with the Roman auxiliary fort.

GGAT’s Commercial Dept

Welcome to a series of blogs today from the commercial department (GGAT Projects) of the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust Ltd. My name is Richard Lewis and I am the Head of Projects for the Trust. My role involves supervising all of the many projects we undertake and making sure we have many new projects too!

The kind of projects we carryout are quite diverse and range from Prehistoric and Roman excavations (Swansea Bay and at Neath Nidum) to recording relict early-Industrial iron-stone extractive landscapes in the south Wales valleys.

This morning, my time has been taken up with liaising with the Local Planning Authority’s archaeological advisor (GGAT Curatorial) to provide archaeological cover for an emergency arising in Merthyr Tydfil.

My next problem to solve is how to cover all of our archaeological watching briefs next week with so many staff on holiday. I may have to dust off my old boots and trowel…!!


Contracts Department

My name is Jon Burton, I work in the contracts department of GGAT. I normally spend a fair amount of time out in the field, dealing directly with clients, carrying out watching briefs, evaluations, and on occassions full scale excavations.

Most of this week I’ve been working on post excavation reports, related to watching briefs carried out in the Glamorgan and Gwent area.  These include watching briefs carried out in the Caerleon area, related to the line of a former roman road, and another watching brief in the Port Talbot area along the line of a new road scheme which, has uncovered a number of features related to former industrial activity.

Today I had hoped to continue with the writing up of a small watching brief, carried out this week in Cowbridge.  However, another fieldwork project has come up in Merthyr which, requires cover next week, and so now I’ll have to produce a risk assessment, and gather some background information in preparation for this new work.