Eclectic day at Museum of London

As previously mentioned lots to do but scant little archaeology, is that a bad thing? Modern museums are becoming different beasts now a days. Today was actually one of those days with no appointments in the diary. So what the hell have I done today well looking at my email sent box reminds me.

A light touch concept document for a 2D display about Shakespeare but potentially morphs into the Great fire of London. Had a conversation about a bunch of skeletons from Greenwich had another conversation about another bunch of skeletons from Bromley. Had a little spate with the communications department about the number of tweets about a current exhibition, redeemed myself with them by proofing a press release, about the Gladiator Games, with precisely 33 minutes left until the deadline. Agreed to provide guidance and mentoring to a new archaeology graduate, (subtext: get out, get a proper job, or even broaden your experience range and volunteer…) Had anxiety about 1st quarter budgets. Spoke to a colleague in a local museum about what should be retained from a local archaeology society’s archive. Read correspondence from Society for Museum Archaeology committee members about the worrying situation in Surrey, whereby the County Society will be compelled to leave the local museum, and what a right mess that could make. Thought impure thoughts about how difficult to tell the assets apart, and then remembered that Surrey has a long term interest in South London i.e. historic Surrey….

When out at lunchtime for some holiday money, got soaked, drank tea and ate chocolate biscuits; good to have intangible heritage traditions like chocolate biscuits on a Friday.

It is an interesting time at MoL, we have distanced ourselves from field archaeology, and are in the throes of ambitious plans for the Smithfield central market site. So a ‘New Museum’ is not just about a new space, it is about a new way of working, a new approach to the personality of the Institution. Branding is not just about logos and typeface, it is about a reinvention of approach, so watch our web presence as we are in the middle of a summer season of thought provoking sessions about content provision, brand and audiences.

Hang on, what’s this email about checking the window frames are not about to fall out…