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It’s not easy to be an Archaeologist in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I didn’t worry about that much when I was a student. It only hit me after graduation. Even with an M.A. degree my colleagues and I were not able to find any job in our field. This is not because there are a lot of archaeologists and competition is high, it’s because institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina are not doing their job well, museums are being closed, and government is not investing in Archaeology.

This is why 2 years ago a couple of my friends and I started a website dedicated to Archaeology. From the start our goal was to educate people on the importance of Archaeology and to popularize it. When we graduated from University we were told that nothing can be done in our field of work, and that we should think of doing something else. But we didn’t want to give up and we knew we have to try something.

That was how was born, a website that has the purpose to promote and share information about Archaeology of Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring countries. But our goal was not only to promote, we wanted to be heard how it is important to preserve our monuments, so we started to cooperate with other archaeologists, not only from Bosnia but from other countries as well. As time went by we also started translating articles to English and French language, we have become one of the leading Archaeology website in the region, we had a very successful Indiegogo campaign, Heritage Daily wrote about us, and we started a process of becoming an NGO. All of this and more has been done in an environment where we have been laughed at and told that nothing could be done to improve Archaeology of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However we proved differently and we are very eager to prove ourselves again and again.

As an Editor-in-Chief my job is very exciting but also very difficult. I have a lot of responsibilities every day, and I must be very creative at all times and think of new ideas that would upgrade the website and make it different from other similar sites. The most important thing is to hold meetings where me and other editors Ivana and Drago discuss and brainstorm ideas, and plan ahead. One of my tasks as an editor-in-chief is to read all the articles that are submitted, cross-check and approve or reject them. I also write articles and translate them. There are a lot of responsibilities but I really enjoy my job, although for the time being we are all working as volunteers without any financial support. However, we believe that it will be worth it, it actually is in my opinion already worth it because we are doing something we enjoy and at the same time we are trying to change the situation.

My job doesn’t only include work on a website because the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a bit complicated, that is why we are forming an NGO (Non-governmental organization). We want to devote ourselves to change an awful situation Archaeology is in right now. We will be able to do this through different projects and more collaborations with our colleagues. This is why these days I am working on a lot of different things as well, including paperwork and project planning. It may seem too much but I enjoy what I do and most of the time it’s a lot of fun. It’s especially motivating when we get support from all over the world, even from people who haven’t actually met us but they still believe in us because they follow our work. We plan a lot of projects in the future, including the ones that will help to protect endangered archaeology sites. Right now we are taking one step at a time hoping that our work will be worth it and that will celebrate many other Days of Archaeology.

For the purpose of one of our campaigns we filmed this short video which shows how much monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina are neglected.

You are welcome to check out, our facebook and twitter page @ArchaeonMo, also if you wish to join us send us an e-mail:

Best regards from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and enjoy Day of Archaeology.