Archaeology at the End of the Date Line – Vicarious Video from Nukunonu, Tokelau

Just west of here other countries are a day ahead. But here on Nukunonu atoll, we’re still living it up as Friday, the 29th of July 2011 .

Banter over date lines aside, the Day of Archaeology has come at a good time for us. Lots going on, and lots to report. Too much, really. We’re a diverse group of folks who have come together for the Tokelau Science Education and Research Project.

We’re interested in learning more about the prehistory of the three atolls that are to be found in this expanse of the Pacific Ocean, from the moment the very first human being landed on these coral-covered shores right through to the present day and the approximately 400 folks who continue to live beautiful lives here.

Of course archaeology is best experienced firsthand, but when that’s an impossibility the next best thing just might come from cameras. With that in mind, the team here (including both “outside” and “inside” members) has contributed a number of interviews and so I’ve cobbled together a short piece for your viewing, one that will hopefully get you just a bit closer to Tokelau and to everything we’re seeing and experiencing out here…

Cheers to all the other contributors and the organizers of Day of Archaeology, and all the best from Tokelau!

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