Archaeo-Geophysics in the Netherlands

Hello! For me, the day of archaeology will be a day of interpreting geophysical data which I collected earlier. I’ll start off with a coffee and fire up my computer. I will have to spend the day behind my computer rummaging around with my GPR- and magnetometry-data. Looking through my eyelashes, trying different colourmaps, data-filters, studying other available information just to see if geophysics will reveal certain lines, shapes and anomalies in general.

Conducting geophysical surveys for a commercial firm in Holland is what I do. Officially educated as an geologist/geochemist, I spend a lot of years in the environmental engineering field (soil surveys, soil remediation), but the combination of geophysics & archaeology was always appealing to me. At our firm Saricon, we also look for UXO’s, but my main field of interest is the world of archaeology!