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We are part of Leeds Museums numismatic collections, we live in store at the Discovery Centre in Leeds. We are all roman coins and today we’ve been brought out into the light so that Lucy, who works on the coin collections can select some of us to go on outreach.

The store where we live temperature controlled and highly secure. We might be small, but we’re valuable! Museums don’t judge objects in terms of price, but in terms of our Cultural Value. We are orphaned coins – the data from where we were excavated was lost in the Victorian period – and we entered the collection of a man called George Baron, who loved us objects. You can understand so much about the past from our designs and our inscriptions. We may not be able to securely date a site, but we can open windows into the Roman world.

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Coins of Leeds Museums & Galleries

@CuratorLucy works with numismatic collections at Leeds, but is also Projects Curator: First World War there. Archaeological centenary projects include exploring Leeds’ built environment and linking archaeological investigations of the Leeds Pals’ training camp to collections in the city.