radical theory

To those in the field who do strain…

Hello! Dear friends, on this day of arch

I’ve a poem for you, little more than a lark.

So forgive me today, if I do not blog

and don’t think my rhyme is simply just fog!


We love our heritage, the things we’ve saved;

my cup of tea is how knowledge is made.

Now many have said that, ‘theory’s a game’

but I’ll follow my passion if it’s all the same.


‘Theory’s too hard!’ my students shout,

those old ideas still have some clout.

The dirt, the lab, my colleagues’ calling,

the theory ‘game’ is for what I am falling.


So g’day! To those in the field who do strain,

Today is a day I simply work with my brain.

Solace in words while friends dig the ground.

It is not dashing, old white men abound,

but I love my theory radical, critical, profound!