real archaeologist

Who is a “Real Archaeologist”?

“Seventy percent of all archaeology is done in the library. Research. Reading.”

Which eminent scholar confidently states that statistic? Certainly someone from the last half-century, right? Perhaps an archaeologist who is concerned with the inherently destructive nature of our field.

Nope. Indiana Jones.

He utters these words in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It rings ironic not only just for the general practices of this fictional character, but also because he has just told his students that archaeology is not “about lost cities, exotic travel, and digging up the world,” yet he is about to hand the speciously-acquired Cross of Coronado to Marcus Brody. (more…)

Writing and Parenting on My Day of Archaeology

Last year, I wrote a fairly general post about my life as a Roman bioarchaeologist for the Day of Archaeology – So You Want to Be a Roman Bioarchaeologist?  This year, I thought I’d write a more week-in-the-life kind of post.

For many archaeologists, the summer is prime digging season, a time to get a ton of research done and data collected.  My summer is a bit more complicated this year, though.  I am not in the field, but rather am furiously finishing up a few writing projects with end-of-summer deadlines, packing and planning to move 700 miles away for a new faculty position that starts in five weeks, and leaving the house at 2:30pm every weekday to head to summer camp, where I pick up a 3-year-old who is exhausted, sticky with sunblock, and reeking of bug spray.