SC Dept. of NAtural Resources

Johannes Kolb Archaeology and Education Project

Today, July 29th  we are in the lab at the University of South Carolina in Columbia washing artifacts from our two week field season in March 2011.  Our site has evidence from Ice Age hunters on up into the 20th century and everything in between.  We have all the Native American cultures known in South Carolina, USA.  These are followed in time by an early 18th century German American occupation when Johannes Kolb and his family moved here in 1737.  During the 19th century there was a slave occupation and a saw mill and loggers camp in the very early 20th century.

Since 1997 we have been working with volunteers in excavating 50cm squares and one 2 meter square in every 5 meter block in order to obtain a 17% over all sample of the site.

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