selective amnesia

The Cog: A Medieval Chatterbox

My name is The Cog. I’m a medieval shipwreck. Found in 2000 during construction works in the harbor of Antwerp (Belgium). A dendrochronologist was able to date my wood. He told me it was chopped in the winter of 1325-1326. Somewhere in the northwest of Germany.

This is how I was found in the Deurganckdok (Antwerp) in 2000. (Copyright ADW)

Since my discovery I just can’t stop talking. But what did you expect? I was lying there, under a sedimentary layer of 7 metres, for several centuries. Nobody to share my thoughts or feelings with. Doomed to pass my days in solitude. Until this huge crane brought me light in the darkness – and unfortunately also a stabbing pain in my hull.