Sorting Photos

It looks like I’m going to be spending most of today sorting photos and writing indices to add to a report on survey work I did on Monday. Already I’m struggling to remember which building footings are which in a large, spread post-mediaeval township in Strathdearn which, although a SAM, is under threat of being surrounded by commercial forestry. that includes enclosure and removal of grazing. At present the township is well managed by the grazing sheep and has a lovely cover of wild flowers ( a great distraction during survey) but the client is giving up on sheep and is diversifying into conifers. So, like so many other fantastic sites in the Highlands, this ine will, if the scheme goes ahead, gradually disappear under coarse grasses, bracken and ultimately shrubs. What landowner is going to commit to, and keep to the commitment of, a long-term programme of management of their archaeology within forestry?
What else is occupying me today? Whether or not to apply to be site supervisor on a local comunity dig. It’d be great to scrape the rust off the trowel, but all the comercial clients still awaiting completion of evaluation reports will not share my pleasure. Speaking of which, back to those photos. Now which building was that?