Sophie Lamargue

Sophie Lamargue, responsible for professional management at Inrap

Sophie Lamargue is responsible for the professional management of jobs and skills at Inrap

Sophie’s job consists first in acutely knowing all the existing jobs and skills present at Inrap and making projections on the short and medium term needs, taking into account issues specific to the establishment.

These issues are:

– enabling a better visibility of internal and external mobility areas to provide a greater visibility to agents on possible career developments (individual assistance);

– identifying strategic jobs for which the institution must ensure the sustainability of knowledge and skills, to anticipate progressive retirement departures over the next 10 to 20 years;

– developing gateways externally and internally, particularly between these two streams of jobs within the scope of professional incapity issues, and the need for reclassification, which arise in particular for operational personnel, linked to the difficulty of the profession.


To do this, the work currently underway is the development of a job repository for Inrap and gradually creating a directory of skills linked to this repository.