Spanish Missions

Spanish Mission Archaeology near Pensacola, Florida

Students photo-cleaning the floor of an excavation block showing criss-crossing wall trenches from mission structures rebuilt over the course of the mission’s 20-year occupation between 1741 and 1761.

In recognition of the 2012 Day of Archaeology, the University of West Florida terrestrial archaeological field school at Mission San Joseph de Escambe will be spending the day as we have been for just over five weeks now, heading out to our site in Molino, Florida to begin yet another day of fieldwork in this mid-18th-century Spanish mission. With ten students and a professor, our crew works between about 7:30 am and 3:30 pm each day, confronting heat, humidity, and mosquitoes while peeling back the layers of time at this pristine mission site along the Escambia River. We will be taking lots of pictures today to post later on, but in the meantime, our project blog can be found at the following link, with many daily posts describing our activities and finds:

Please check back for an update on our day today.