the Anthropology News

Writing, Tweeting, and Course Prep.

I am an archaeology news junkie. I like to read about it and write about it. So, like most days, I made several forays to my twitter site ( to see what is happening in the world of archaeology. I  tend to make several tweets a day, mostly related to archaeology, but occasionally I will tweet about issues related to the Indigenous  Peoples of North America or human biological evolution as well.

I have also been working on a column I am writing for the American Anthropological Association’s on-line “Anthropology News” . I write a monthly op/ed column called ‘Archaeology in North America’.  I just started drafting the column today and will revise and submit it tomorrow. It will appear on the Anthropology News web site sometime in July. The topic for the July column is on the emergent subfield of glacier and ice patch archaeology in North America, and the urgency to record the remains now being exposed by the rapidly melting ice and snow.

Another bit of writing I did today was to draft a report on my recently completed field project in the forests of west coast of Canada. I made a separate entry to Day of Archaeology 2012 on that (Archaeology of a Japanese Camp in Western Canada).

I am also drafting some syllabi for some courses I will be teaching in the Fall term. I am astutely aware that those great ideas for teaching that I have in June often translate into an enoromous workload for both the students and me in the Fall, so am trying to be cautious and reign my ideas in.  One of the courses I will be teaching is on the Indigenous Peoples of North America, and I am anxious to use my most recent book for that. (Indigenous Peoples of North America: A Concise Anthropological Overview).