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Tours, Tatty Bags & Bits in Boxes

Showing my visitor around the stores. I’m the one wearing the attractive ID card jewellery.

I’m a lecturer and Keeper of Collections at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. At this time of year, teaching has finished and our students have started to wander off to do fieldwork or work on their dissertations (or at least that’s what they tell us). Things tend to calm down a bit as a result, and we get a chance to wrap up the last bits of marking and turn to our own research projects. For me, this often means a chance to work on sorting out problems on the collections side of things, although we usually see a steady stream of visiting researchers through the summer, as they exploit their own semester breaks.

For today, my main concern is finishing off some postgraduate marking, but already I’ve a couple of other things booked that might distract me from that for a while. We’ll see how it pans out. (more…)