Typical day in our Museum


Today is Day of Archaeology so let’s sail through this day on our ship with Olaf 🙂

Sculptures from Elblag’s Biennial looks like huge dragons, and are located all around Elbląg. You can walk around city and watch different monument. On my way to work I see just few of them. Art installations gives my home town artistic look.

Church path with beautiful arcs makes everyone feel really medieval. I think It is the most charming place.

At the Museum I usually document artefacts. Measuring, taking pictures, preparations for exhibitions… It takes a lot of time, but work with such beautiful things makes you feel special.

but sometimes…. Olaf is messing with our work… (this picture almost got published in our book) 🙂

Visitors can have guided tours with Museum staff. Olaf and archaeologists talk about different sites and exhibitions in Museum. You can see exhibitions about History of the Goths, The Amber -Truso-Emporium and Elbląg – a recovered testimony of the past.

Museum lessons held in reconstruction of long house on Museum yard are very interesting.

Well… not that interesting for Olaf, who has huge problems with drawing… 😀


Children could play medieval games, learn history and get little bit dirty while making clay pottery. When the weather is nice everyone can see how medieval women made food for their families (and how it tasted).

Introduction to Day of Archaeology in Elbląg :)

We couldn’t wait till tomorrow so we decided to start earlier. 🙂

Truso Team with cooperation of Enthusiasts of Truso Association and Archaeological and Historical Museum in Elbląg has the honour to introduce to you ……


Our brave and sweet and handsome Viking Ghost – OLAF! 🙂


Truso was known only from Wulfstan’s account, who described his way from Danish Haede (Hedeby) to Truso. In 1981 Truso was discovered by Marek F. Jagodziński.


He used to live in Truso – early medieval Vikings’ settlement located in the Slavic-Estian borderland, but he decided to move to our Museum.





Now he sleeps in the reconstruction of Viking hut, and he hopes to find a beautiful ghost girlfriend, because he is really lonely  (oh and he needs new cloak).



Tomorrow we will sail with him through rough waves of Day of Archaeology. I hope that You will like my job as I love it.