Valérie Bureau-Léo

Valérie Bureau-LEO, intranet publisher and image library administrator at Inrap

FullSizeRenderValérie BUREAU-LÉO is publisher of the intranet and administrator of the image library at the Direction of Cultural Development and Communication (DDCC) at Inrap.

As editor of the intranet, her missions are to host the site (create and update content, create collaborative spaces and form contributors). She designed the newsletter, and rewrites the texts for future dissemination in the newsletter.

As administrator of the image library, Valerie provides general maintenance of the site in relation to Inrap’s web agency, the DDCC and the Direction of information systems (DSI). This means that she manages the access rights for contribution, trains and supports contributors and manages the network and access rights.

Also, she oversees the drafting and revision of contributors’ legends, and ensures the overall consistency of the fund (iconographic quality of documents and indexing).

Her weekly tasks are to meet the iconographic needs of persons outside of the institute (publishers, museums, the media) and of Inrap agents, manage copyrights and foreign photographers, implement the agreement made with the photographic agency of the RMN (Réunion des Musées Nationaux) for commercial uses of documents, ensure the payment of pictures (together with indexing and meeting the quality criteria stipulated by the Convention, in the data-base of the RMN Photo Agency). Finally, Valerie contributes to improving the Inrap platform: creation of new tools, participation in the platform redesign.