Some news from Public Archaeology 2015

On Saturday 12 December, Lorna Richardson and I are leading a walk called Narratives and Counter-Narratives: a line through contemporary London which will mark the beginning of the end of the Public Archaeology 2015 project. The event will be investigating the archaeology of austerity, using a walk from Canary Wharf to Westminster to visit a number of sites that are undergoing different forms of regeneration and which offer different reactions, some good, others not so good, to the austerity measures we see imposed by central government and the situations that led to the promotion of austerity in the first place. The event will be multi-disciplinary with a range speakers from different backgrounds involved over the course of the day.

I couldn’t post about this on Day of Archaeology because I was out on site, but we got the news through on Friday that the walk has been accepted as a pre-conference event for the Theoretical Archaeology Group meeting taking place in Bradford on 14-16 December. This is great news for us as it will allow us to create online content around the walk – Tweets, videos, Vines and so on – and hopefully start conversations that will carry over into the conference proper. It also means, of course, that people can come and walk with us to get fired up for TAG which, with its theme of Diversity, has a good few political sessions to get stuck into.

The walk will start at Canary Wharf DLR station at 10am and finish in a Westminster pub at 8pm with a reading of the Riot Act. Details and timings of intermediate stops will be published in advance. Follow and/or contact @pa2015infowith any questions.

riot act wording