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Dama International Sampling

I’m a post-doctoral researcher on the Dama International Project, a multi-disciplinary project which aims to reconstruct the biogeography and management of the European fallow deer in the past 8,000 years. Today I was off on a hunt for deer bones in the impressive HQ of Somerset County Museum. I was hoping to find two from Cheddar Palaces and one from Catsgore. I found all three……………………..but none were fallow deer. One sheep, one roe deer and one red deer. However, I did find a further three from Cheddar that had not been previously recorded. Not the best result ever but I cut off a piece of each ready for DNA stable isotope analysis when I get back to the lab. If you want to hear more about the project check out the web site www.fallow-deer-project.net or follow us on twitter @deerproject