‘The Academic’

So the working day is done…well the one that I get paid for anyway… and now well into the evening I’ve been plugging away at my second ‘job’, the PhD. I’ve been doing my research degree for two years now and have three years left to do. Its been a challenge balancing work with studying asnd actually having a life on the side, but I’ve managed it somehow, presumably by doing a few hours of work in the evenings like today. There is no rest for the wicked, as I have a deadline next week, my upgrade looming (this is part of the studying process) in October/November and my nephew’s 7th birthday to go to on the weekend, so little time for work there.

So what actually am I researching? Well I’m looking specifically at the Iron Age/ Roman transitional period in Southern Britain and looking at all the sites excavated that have found remains in the periods for the areas surrounding Chichester and Colchester. I am using the information that is generated from the ‘Commercial’ side of archaeology in which from my previous posts you will have seen I have spent most of my career in so far. I hope to see where and what kind of settlements existed in these areas and basically get a better idea of how the native people of Britain reacted to the Roman invasion.

I’m having a great time doing the research and would love to do it full time, but unfortunately you have to pay the bills somehow and am lucky to have a job in archaeology too!

If anyone would like to ask me any questions about working full time when you study…please let me know!

Thanks for reading!