‘The Commercial’

So I’ve been hard at work for half a day now, putting my 7 hours in my ‘day job’. At the present I am writing the text for a publication of a site that was excavated in late 2008.  Whilst due to privacy reasons I can’t tell you where the site is, or who the work was done for, I can tell you about the amazing archaeology that we found. You might be thinking that it has been quite a while since we excavated the site, so why am I just working on the publication now?

Well, there is a huge amount of work to be done in what is called the ‘post-excavation’ stage of a project. Firstly the supervisor of the site must organise all of the records done on site and send all of the finds and samples away to the specialists to look at and make their reports. This, depending on the amount, can take months. After this stage an ‘Post-Excavation Assessment’ is completed by the site supervisor, which looks at the records and the specialist reports, and works out preliminarily what was found and what this may represent. It also outlines the publication to be undertaken later on. After this stage, this report has to be approved by the client and the county archaeologists which may take a few more months. A lot of time and further specialist analysis later, and here I am, three years later, writing the final text.

So what did we find? On a relatively small site we found evidence of occupation for 10,000 years! At first the site was occupied in the Mesolithic by hunter gatherers, shaping flint tools to hunt with. The site was revisited multiple times by different groups of families over hundreds of years. Later the site took on a ritual focus with the establishment of a large ringwork (a ring ditch) which may have been of a ceremonial function and was later expanded on by two smaller versions. This site would be have been revisited by people in the Neolithic as a spiritual site. There was further evidence for occupation in the Anglo-Saxon, and Post-Medieval period too. It’s an exciting project that should hopefully be published next year!!!

I’ll come back later to update on the PhD work done today,,,,