The Day of Archeology in Ellinniitty, Finland

Muuritutkimus Ltd. and Rauma Museum are co-operating on an excavation project at the area of Ellinniitty in Rauma. Last year approximately 40 different type of cairn-like stone settings were found in survey at the site. The intention is to excavate and learn the nature of these cairns during this and the following year. At the Day of Archaeology an open day was held at the excavation site. Visitors had a chance to visit the site and explore the cairns and the work of archaeologists. Excavation team gave visitors guided tours around the site and showed different states of excavation on cairns and some finds from the site. Visitors could also see different types of documentation happening; 3D modelling, photographing and using of total station. Some trowels and buckets were provided for the younger visitors who got to try digging themselves. Oh the joy when piece of ceramic was found! Some of the visitors were visiting excavations for the first time ever and eventhough there were no Indiana Jones presumptions people were happy to learn new things about the everyday work of archaeologists. For us, archaeology students hired for the summer, the open day was exciting. None of us had hardly any experience of being guides on excavations, so we were quite anxious about the job, but the joy of teaching soon took over and after few tours everyone was quite routined and able to enjoy the occasion. To us it seemed that the visitors had as much fun as we did. Guides got suprisingly many questions and most of them even got answered. We didn’t know what to expect from the open day but the team was happy to have 80 visitors (20 of them children and teens) and couple of reporters. Judging by the number of visitors, there seems to be lots of intrest in history in the town of Rauma. Since the history belongs to all of us, we think it’s important to share our knowledge with the locals about the prehistory of their home region. Keep on digging and see you next year! – Oona Jalonen & Arttu Liimatainenand the rest of the excavation teamV__7986V__9F44