The End #worldinterview #21

I hope you all enjoyed following this global interview about archaeology. There’s a lot to talk about! Find me on @James__Dixon to discuss anything arising, or use the comment space at the bottom here.

A few acknowledgements to end.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who answered and/or asked questions. I hope you have good conversations on the back of this project.

Thank you to Anni Cook, Mark Horton, Alasdair Brooks, Nigel Hetherington, Emily Glass, Esther Breithoff, Cornelius Holtorf, Paul Montgomery, Odlanyer Hernández de Lara, Nevila Molla and Ágústa Edwald Maxwell for giving their time to help find interviewees, whether ultimately successful or not!

Thank you to Eduardo Escalante, Artur Henrique Franco Barcelos, Sally MacLennan and Arbër Kadia who stepped in at short notice to fill gaps left by others who were no longer able to take part.

Thank you to Lorna Richardson and the Day of Archaeology crew for letting me do this. It feels a bit like hijacking Day of Archaeology, but hopefully it won’t look it among the hundreds of other posts.

Thank you for reading!

James Dixon, London, UK