The Glamour of Outreach

My name is Sarah Phillips and I head up Wessex Archaeology’s Learning and Access Team, which can involve anything from community excavations to creating online computer games and teacher packs, raising awareness of archaeology to marine industries or writing content for the Wessex website.

However, my 29th of July definitely sums up the unglamorous side of our work.  While my team were off doing interesting things out in the field – you read their blogs  A Day with Operation Nightingale and Lights, Camera, Action –  I was stuck inside doing administration tasks.

My job can be a lot of fun, but it is also hard work.  We are the public face of Wessex and so we need to ensure that what we produce is of high quality, true to the archaeology but also accessible to our desired audience.  Today, I am working on the final draft edit of the Offshore Renewables Protocol for Reporting Archaeological Discoveries annual report for The Crown Estate.  This protocol, like other marine protocols run by WA, helps staff to identify and report any unexpected archaeological discoveries at sea.

We go through several edits, considering content, interpretation and then general quality control before the final draft will be sent out for consultation. My team works closely with the graphics office, relying on them to develop our ideas and text into something interesting.

The rivetting world of admin

More project management tasks, finances, sorting out permissions for images for school a workshop, chasing up feedback from them and a billion other things – my day is not getting anymore glamorous.

However, things significantly improve thanks to Day of Archaeology. Tasked with the challenge of summing up Wessex Archaeology’s Day of Archaeology – A Day at Wessex Archaeology – I took a notepad, pen and camera and took a journey around the office.  Until recently, I worked in our Coastal and Marine department but my remit has expanded to the whole company and this was a great opportunity to talk to people and find out what they do in both Salisbury and our other offices.  It was fascinating and helped me to understand more about how the company works as a whole.  I hope it is as interesting for people to read.