This is not your Indiana’s Archaeology

Here we are, or some of us at least, finishing up our winter season. Yes, we know the photo is blurry. That’s typical, finally get the group together and the shot’s no good. This year ARA’s Day of Archaeology post is dedicated to those unexpected, unusual and unheard of moments in a field archaeologist’s day.

Let’s start with winter archaeology in Canada. You might think that’s impossible. Well, it’s tough, requires long hours of planning and ice cleats (but we did it!). The group photo shows the crew on the final day of excavation. You can’t tell exactly but there were many happy faces. Take a look at some of the photos below of the crew at work and rest during our winter season.

Archaeologists are experts at getting comfy in odd and dirt filled places.

Alanna shows us that sometimes getting that corner out takes a little flexibility.

Below, Steve is rocking some sweet twist tie fashion and using a rare sunny day to help screen for artifacts. Believe it or not, it was fairly warm in the tent at times.


When you move a lot of dirt it tends to accumulate in large piles and that makes screening a bit tricky but Marissa and Colleen have found a way to make it work.


Archaeologists will eat lunch anywhere, especially a free pizza lunch!

The next photos document our days long toil getting our site backfilled. When you screen for artifacts on blue tarps and then have to remove the dirt from them at the end everyone goes a little crazy.


At the end of all that you might need a friend to get you home after a long back breaking day, or at least Eric did.

When Spring finally arrived we found ourselves back in our normal outdoor setting. And of course working through a new set of challenges.  Jordan seems to be handling his rock filled unit with aplomb.

Dean on the other hand looks a little frazzled…












Meanwhile Andrew and company are having a tough time getting the grid established in the woods, but I’m sure they enjoy the challenge.

Finally, here’s another shot of Andrew’s crew. What happens when fog rolls in during a Pedestrian Survey? You take an awesome picture of the spooky setting, of course.

That’s it for our Day of Archaeology post!

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