Learning how to use a total station all over again!

The last time I used a total station was over two years ago at university and I think the highlight of that training was having fun being chased by the laser. However, two and a bit hours of training today and I can level it AND turn it on and off…. and some of those fancy bits in-between so I feel much more prepared for the copious amounts of surveying I will be involved in next week.
Apart from that I have been arranging finds washing and marking sessions, animal bone and environmental archaeology workshops for our fantastic community archaeologists.
My average working day is often completely unique in terms of what I get up too, that’s why I love working in archaeology so much! Some days I spend a lot of time answering and sending emails, largely to do with organising events for our community archaeology project. Some days are spent creating hand outs and guidance for the events and workshops that we run, and actually revising topics for myself so I can be more supportive in terms of answering questions for people. Then there are the days I spend actually supporting our volunteers in the workshops and activities that myself and our project team have organised. One of my main tasks in my current job role is trying to really engage the local community in archaeology, but that’s the easy part- they are all enthusiastic!
Some days… I dig!
Happy day of archaeology all!