Variety is the spice of life… or the life of a P/T student!

A Day in the Life of a Part Time PhD student…

Well the day today started with a good (but not archaeology related) job, and then this afternoon I’ve been in one of my ‘other’ lives – that of an archaeology tutor for the Workers Education Association (WEA).  Today I had a meeting which involved a couple of other tutors and Anne Preston from Newcastle University at our regional office to discuss a joint initiative between the WEA and Newcastle University.  The meeting was about SOLE – Self Orientated Learning Environments, and how we can use the concept with our learners see @NCLsolecentral or the website.

I’ve done some reading regarding my thesis, which is investigating Ceramics and Indian Ocean trade in the early historic period, and this evening I’ve been sending some tweets out on behalf of CBA North, which you can follow on @CBANorth.

So many different roles, thanks for reading…

Looking forward to reading what you’ve been doing, you can find me at @jo_digger