Well this is going well.

Things start going awry when I complete the joint session proposal for the IfA 2014 conference – Murray Doug and myself are proposing a look at non traditional funding and access to archaeology opportunities.  Creating skills banks within the community rather than “letting them come on our site”  we are working together in a drop in – casual way.   Well that goes in and could be great…  as there are lots of ideas and people out here to share concepts with.   But right after that I see an email come in from Archaeology Scotland that contains the  Rural Archaeology Bulletin.

Get reading

It may not be the most exciting read..  ( well it is to me ) but this edition looks at a disappointing compromise in CAP reform (common agricultural policy). An initial summary can be viewed here.

The issues of the Historic Scotland/RCAHMS merger come into focus.   Fiona Hyslop has recently stated that ‘This government does not look at our cultural life and our heritage as if they are merely products that can be bought and sold………I want Scotland to be a country where everybody cares about, shares and champions our culture and our heritage’ so lets hope this sentiment is held to!   I then read about this BIG Dig for the start of Scottish Archaeology Month in September with a community dig looking for a previously recorded (but now lost)  Roman Fort in the Comiston/Fairmilehead area of Edinburgh on the weekend of 30th/31st August.  Well this made me think – I have to put this on Facebook.

Raised beach and cliff at Auldhame - East Lothian ...

Raised beach and cliff at Auldhame – East Lothian … but once… the land stretched out to cover the North Sea

BIG mistake!  

While on facebook I note that there is a story on Western Australia’s submerged landscape – I am intersted in this given the massive submerged landscape just outside my door ( ish)  with DoggerLand – and the recent work and survey of it.   showing how archaeology and paleo-enviromental work does have relevance to today’s climate challenges.   Well what could I do?   I had to read the Quaternary article and then write it up for Past Horizons as an article – should be edited and ready tomorrow.   While I was at it, I decided to check what was happening in the world, and while gathering news bulletins, I found a fascinating piece on Icelandic archaeology calling for the Tourism Organisations to start promoting the archaeology – to take the strain off the natural wonders.    Now…   where was I?

3D modelling of St Mary's Church prior to adding heatmap texture

3D modelling of St Mary’s Church prior to adding heatmap texture

An urgent order

Suddenly Maggie calls out…  and just as I begin to work on a heatmap of bulletholes in St Marys Church Haddington (more of that later!)  I have to drop everything and make 5 A3 drawingboards  for an order…  gah….   1 hour and another cuppa later…  and I am back at the desk and quickly bring a lost contractor back into the fold of the BAJR Contractors –   a pleasant phone call and all is well.  they are on the map and the number of BAJR Registered companies rises to 637   –  yipes!   I am promising to get the mapping system changed by the end of the day as well…   I want it back to the searchable joy it was before.  so I better get on with that.  but I better finish the heatmap…  but I also better check out this new Archaeological Insurance scheme.   could be a winner for some and a real benefit.   Hmmm…     we’ll see.

Now….  where was I?