What a day.

Well I am about ready to call it a day,  and what a day it has been.

For me, it has been a fairly standard day – in as much as I seem to try and do too much at once.   The list is not looking too bad,  and I am sure I can catch up tomorrow.   Time to rewrite the list and add some other items.   I need to apply for a grant to help finance a hillfort survey that acts as a community training scheme.  But that’s fun and that is another day.


I loved so many of the posts and they are still coming in!  So to the team behind this fabulous Day of Archaeology – thank you.  To all those who have shared their lives for one day.   thank you.  and to you  dear reader…  thank you.     Now I may just relax with another glass of vino and a read through some of the latest posts.    …  hmmm  to Bolivia I think!

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