What about archaeology on Snapchat?

Snapchat_logoI love communicating archaeology. I do it for years, by first by blog, then by social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too. As archaeoblogger, I blog about museums and archaeology. I love to do that, and I study everyday something new for a better communication.

Some months ago the snapchat-mania arrived in Italy: every blogger in the blogosphera want to snap. Snapchat is the new language of communication: quick, dynamic, extemporary. Snapchat is the social network of younger generations.

Snapchat intrigued me. Astrid (archeopop) and Antonia (Professione Archeologo), two of the most appreciated archaeoblogger in Italy, have inspired me to try. So, my profile is born, and I made my first snap.

But what is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an app that allows users to create snaps, which can be photos or shorts videos. You can send your snap to your friends, or you can add it to a “story”, which is a collection of photos or snap-videos that your friends can see for 24 hours. After this time your “story” expires. New day, new story. You can find on pinterest a lot of infographics about this app.

Immediacy, spontaneity, in real time; Snapchat is a chat, actually: Snapchat is an instant chat, because when you chat with your friend, your message, photo or video, expires immediately.

my snap from National Archaeological Museum of Florence

my snap from National Archaeological Museum of Florence

A lot of bloggers, travelbloggers above all, use Snapchat. They snap their daylife, their holiday, their travel experiences. There is the right mix of seriousness and frivolity in their snaps. But Snapchat now is invaded by brands: Football clubs, fashion brands, tv channels… Everyone uses Snapchat to reach the younger people and to create engagement. Museums too, are on Snapchat. Few museums, to be honest.

So, how can I use Snapchat to communicate archeology? I’m studying now. I’m studying best way to talk about archaeology on snapchat. When I’m in a museum, or in an archaeological site, or near an ancient monument, I snap some shorts videos to create my “story”. Then I add some photos, with an explaination, so if you don’t want to see all my videos, you can see just photos and you know what I talk about. I think that Snapchat could be a great way to bring archaeology in our daily life.

In Italy there is some archeoblogger that use snapchat to communicate archaeology and cultural heritage: I am maraina81 on Snapchat; Antonia Falcone is antoniafalcone, Astrid D’Eredità is astridrome Giovina Caldarola is giovinacal, Mattia Mancini is djedmedu. You find us on Snapchat, we talk about archaeology.