When did I really become a publisher instead of an archaeologist?

All these years I have been participating in the Day of Archaeology, really believing I am an archaeologist. And I am, but lately, especially after I finished my PhD, my activity is focusing too much in the editorial sector… Sometimes initiatives like this make you realise it.

Today I started going for a run. I have been injured for around three months and need to get back on my feet. When I got back home, an email asking for a budget to print a PhD thesis was waiting for me. Not bad, good business. It is not even about archaeology as they used to be before, it is about psychology. I don’t really care, it is money.

After answering emails and procrastinating a bit on Facebook, I started working. First task: downloading the correction of the texts for the Spanish edition of Archaeology and Neoliberalism. After the English edition went out some months ago, the Spanish one will be ready in a matter of weeks. Now I write this, I am realising I didn’t send it to authors…

Second task: revising the images of another book and asking for permissions. Many of them did not belong to the author and I needed to send like fifteen emails to make sure we can use them. The book seems interesting (in Spanish though), and maybe controversial, as it captures the naked thoughts of a university professor. This task took me quite a while, so I made a lunch break and went to see my parents. As I use to say in these posts, we do have a life, families and all that too.

Third task: correcting the last changes for another book, about the damages to heritage during the Syrian war. Four pages of annotations that took me a couple of hours to finish. Meanwhile, more emails and a long whatsapp conversation with a colleague, my copyeditor, about his invoice for the Archaeology and Neoliberalism book and how to approach the cover of his upcoming book on archaeology and videogames, which is going to be awsome. I have to send some data for the distributor and would like to include the covers, so besides these books, I needed to concept another couple: one about commercial archaeology and another one about an archaeology of the missile crisis in Cuba.

So, by the time I went for dinner, all my work was related to the publishing sector. If I have a look to my task list: indexing a journal, reading a manuscript, building the new webpage with shop for the books, two layouts, four covers, some shipments, a translation… It becomes pretty clear what I am now.

Anyway, after dinner I was doing something different! Programming posts in social media. I am community manager for a conference; 3rd International Conference of Best Practices in World Heritage, which will take place next May in Menorca, Spain. The call for papers is open, so…