#worldinterview #0

This being the last Day of Archaeology, I thought I’d do something special… So I’ve brought together a group of fascinating archaeologists from 20 countries to create a chain interview spanning the globe. It started with Regina Hilo, who asked four questions for an archaeologist in Australia. Thereafter, each person answered their questions then set four for the next person, keeping two of the questions they were asked and making up two new ones. It’ll run roughly in time zone order, but not completely because some countries are huge and others are tiny, and all of Europe and Africa is in about four.

The first interview will post at 2am and the last at 9pm with a post an hour in between. You can follow it as it happens, or read them all at the end, by following the worldinterview tag.

I look forward to discussing it with you all as we go, and after.


James Dixon, London, UK.